Stop Smoking Extended Program

The standard program is a single session, which suits most peoples needs. The extended program is a 3 session program for clients that want to build personal resources over a few weeks to make it even easier.

Sports Individuals and Team Workshops

Lifting your game to a new level requires better ways of thinking and asking yourself better questions... The answers are so close and so powerful... Discover your edge!

Self-Hypnosis Workshops

This popular workshop is designed for people interested in personal change. Everyone is welcome to attend, although it will be of particular value to qualified therapists and those interested in becoming a hypnotherapist.

Corporate & Group Smoking Cessation Seminars

When you leverage the power of a close knit group with a common purpose, and help them direct their minds using thoroughly tested processes. The potential for change is significantly enhanced.

Hypnotic Journey Seminar

Explaining the journey through unconscious learning and how you grew awareness... and how you can bring balance between conscious and unconscious processes to enhance and empower your current reality.

Hypnotic Seminar for Schools

An introduction to the process of unconscious learning and how to use the mind for creative and emotive change... learning about brain language and expanding possibilities and potentials.

Introducing Iain Anderson Hypnotherapist

Iain has over 30 years’ experience of using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help clients.
He is a highly respected hypnotherapist and holds the following qualifications:

  •  HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • Dip CAH Diploma in Clincal and Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • PNLP Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The Dip CAH and PNLP were awarded by the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy. (NZSPH)
Iain is currently the Lead Trainer for the NZSPH Christchurch training centre. (Located at ARA Institute of Canterbury)


I did really enjoy the hypnotic experience! I feel amazing and things are going really well.
Each time I listen to the recordings I feel stronger and stronger.

NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed* 

Sarah C – Christchurch

I have seen several hypnotherapists over the years both in the UK and NZ and Iain has by far been the best I have ever used. He ‘gets’ me for starters and he has a quiet calm way with him that really helps. I am already way less anxious than I used to be. I can’t recommend him enough 🙂

NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed* 

Janine – Christchurch

It’s me Ulrike, the german girl you hypnotized on monday to the second time. I want to thank you for the great job you did again!!! I’m every time positive surprised how good hypnosis actually works… Like a miracle 😊 i’m happy!!!! Love it!!
NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed* 

Ulrike – Germany

Thanks, I’m starting to get it now. I have made a shift that has helped alot… Thank you.

NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed* 


Steve L – Christchurch.

Thank you for being the catalyst for this next phase of my life. You have given me so many “gems” that I will keep forever.

NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed* 

Michelle R – Christchurch

Latest Findings and Facts About Hypnosis

Why is Neuroplasticity so important?

It’s a sad fact that in our everyday lives we tend to not maximise the use of our brains. Scientist have discovered that your brain is more adaptable than we’ve ever thought before. It has the ability to make changes and is constantly optimising and reorganising itself by shifting cognitive abilities from one area of […]

Patients With Dental Phobia Have Functional Changes In Brain Activity After Hypnosis.

This is a truly ground-breaking study.  It’s the first one to study the effects of various areas of the brain before and after hypnosis in people with dental phobias. While it’s a relatively small sample size, it’s a push in the right direction. Out of the 24 people involved in the study, 12 were dental phobics […]

Effectiveness Of Medical Hypnosis For Pain Reduction

Faster Wound Healing In Paediatric Acute Burn Injury: Study Protocol For A Randomised Controlled Trial The University of Queensland’s Child Health Research Center (CHRC) investigated if hypnotherapy decreased pain, anxiety, and stress in children with severe burns while they were having their bandages and dressings changed. This was a randomized controlled study at Lady Cilento […]

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