Effectiveness Of Medical Hypnosis For Pain Reduction

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Faster Wound Healing In Paediatric Acute Burn Injury: Study Protocol For A Randomised Controlled Trial

The University of Queensland’s Child Health Research Center (CHRC) investigated if hypnotherapy decreased pain, anxiety, and stress in children with severe burns while they were having their bandages and dressings changed.

This was a randomized controlled study at Lady Cilento Children’s hospital. 62 burn patients between the ages of 4 and 16 were selected for this study.

They were randomly assigned to one of two groups.  The first group received hypnotherapy sessions and the second group received the standard care. During the entire process measurements were made.  These measurements included pain, anxiety, stress, and speed of wound healing.

The patients in the hypnotherapy group had 70% lower levels of pain and 67 % lower levels of anxiety compared next to the standard care group.

By the time the third bandage and dressing change came around, the hypnotherapy group had a 90% reduction in pain levels and 84% power levels of anxiety.

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