Insomnia – Sleep Problems

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How would you like to get regular deep restful sleep?

Insomnia and sleep disturbance is sometimes caused by deeper problems and worries. Sometimes it’s just a habit that you have slipped into which becomes an ongoing and annoying issue.

The good news is, because hypnosis is a natural transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, it seems to facilitate the occurrence of natural sleep.*

Most people find hypnosis extremely effective at helping with insomnia and sleep problems.*

We can almost certainly help you to enjoy a much better night’s sleep. In fact, people often come for hypnotherapy to help with other issues and report improved sleep as a positive side effect.*

College of Physicians Study: Hypnosis: An Alternate Approach to Insomnia

Research Study: Hypnosis for insomnia in school-age children

* NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed*