Weight Balance

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Weight-balance is not about starvation and denial. 

If you’ve had a problem with weight control, it’s likely that you have tried many diets, and possibly even food replacement programs.

The facts are, one-third of adult New Zealanders are struggling to lose weight by changing their diet. And diet industry critics have been saying for years that these people are being conned. People are parting with their hard-earned money in the hope of finding a quick, easy and permanent solution. But the failure of diets is obvious. The evidence from scientific studies and healthcare statistics simply show that we’re getting fatter.

Hypnotherapy provides a vastly different approach. If you think about your day-to-day living in terms of running patterns, then you have behaviour patterns, relationship patterns eating patterns and exercise patterns (or not), just to name a few.

When we look at these patterns as a group, it becomes a lifestyle pattern. And that is the level at which hypnotherapy works.
True permanent change only comes with better thinking which creates better feelings.* A strong focused mind can achieve so much more than a hungry mind.

If your sick of the struggle and anguish caused by the denial approach then please contact me for more information.

* NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed*