Stop Smoking

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Hypnosis is a natural and effective way to quit smoking.*

Iain Anderson Hypnotherapist has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours developing and refining his approach to freeing you from the smoking habit. As an ex-smoker himself he knows personally the challenges that come with the decision to quit smoking.
He also recognises the importance of a strong desire and openness to change.

The ultimate goal for smokers is to be able to let go of the need or compulsion to smoke.

Well the good news is… Iain has created a powerful process which supports both the physical as well as the psychological aspects of stopping smoking. This means you can experience a true shift in attitude towards smoking which creates a chemical shift within the body.* ┬áThis helps emotionally support your choice to be a non-smoker.*

In my experience, smoking is more about the psychological addiction than the physical addiction. ┬áThis opinion is supported by the fact that people don’t get addicted to N.R.T (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) Patches, sprays or gum.

Smoking has traditionally been a difficult habit to treat. However, with hypnotherapy, all aspects of the habit can be treated more effectively and you can quit smoking without the stress.*

Hypnosis can:

  • help reduce cravings*
  • increase your self control*
  • increase your motivation to stop*
  • help you access your natural subconscious resources.*
  • help you change the way you think and feel about smoking*

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is the best stress free way to help you quit smoking.*

Hypnotherapy can have a positive impact on your health.*


* NOTE: *Individual Results May Vary And Cannot be Guaranteed*